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Somos un equipo multidisciplinario, diverso e internacional, apasionado por aportar a la transformación del tejido sistémico y aportar al nivel de consciencia, bienestar y salud. Cada uno de nosotros tiene su historia de transformación personal y el conocimiento cualificado para generar experiencias de sanación, transformación y conexión. 

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Eugenia Trujillo


Kundalini Yoga Instructor. Breathwork and meditation. Addiction support. Master Talk on healing and self hacking. Marketing, communication and design 4 good.


Co-Founder of Yoga4Impact and CVO. Designer and curious explorer. Masters in marketing and in humanities.


She's a marketing and communications consultant focused in organizations and initiatives that aim for a fair, green and sustainable future.

She has also worked in project management, design thinking, innovation and strategy.

Interests: Conscious Capitalism, Entrepreneurship, Dance, Space, Materials, Alchemy, Recovery, Spirituality, Science, A.I., philosophy, lingüistics.

María Angélica Ferreira

São Paulo

Sri Sri Yoga Instructor. More than 10 years of meditation practice. Has worked all around the globe while looking for her purpose, the current destination is Barcelona.


Co-Founder of Yoga4Impact. Marketeer with experience in global brands such as Wella, Burger King and Movado. Masters in International Marketing.

Constantly looking for ways to develop herself and connect with her truth Angelica believes her mission is to bring more humanity to the companies by impacting positively the corporation system.

Interests: Entrepreneurship, Sharing-economy, conscious consumption, Fair-trade, healthy life-style, social impact, positive communication

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Karta Chávez

Santiago de Chile

Lead Trainer Kundalini Yoga

Vinyasa - Ashtanga - Hatha

Meditation - Breathwork

School of Life

Margaux Maugeais


Hatha Yoga Instructor

Anna Pardos


Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Yoga, meditación y mindfulness para familia y niños, Masaje Sonoro/Cuencos Tibetanos

Paulina Mengo


Ahtanga Yoga Instructor

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