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Under the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Yoga4Impact aims to be a catalyst for good in all respects. We promote health and well-being by encouraging conscious actions that affect the planet, our community, our institutions and our consumer habits. We carry a discourse of conscience in the systemic capitalist dynamics.

Yoga4Impact is a channel of consciousness, a Trojan horse, a seed of "goodness" for the present and for the years to come.

By empowering and raising awareness in individual actions, we help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. If we empower people and institutions from within, the effect of better and conscious actions can easily be replicated towards people, planet and profit.

Yoga4Impact reflects on climate change, inequality, consumption habits, pollution, peace, poverty alleviation, protection and restoration of ecosystems and economic growth.
* Yoga4Peace, Yoga4Climate, Yoga4Good

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