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I offer a healing modality that has the potential to reshape karmic imprints, driving rapid and profound changes within our reality. Grounded in the principles of quantum physics, this transformative healing approach is designed to release blockages, ailments, and traumas that affect individuals on physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional levels, transcending multiple timelines.

This healing work is anchored in the energetic zero-point, a realm of infinite possibilities and the cosmic source of energy. Operating on a multidimensional level that transcends the confines of space and time, this modality uncovers the root causes of various issues, transmuting them to enable individuals to experience growth, authenticity, peace, creativity, and wholeness.

This modality knows no boundaries, functioning at the energetic and quantum levels of existence, where conventional notions of time and space become irrelevant. It offers the capacity to restore, transmute, amplify, liberate, and reclaim fragmented aspects of the self, while also addressing physical ailments, mental traumas, and clearing disruptive energies and parasitic influences through a secure and systematic protocol.

In addition, we specialize in space purification and harmonization, and also the ability to elevate businesses, enabling them to regain and enhance their path to success, abundance, purpose, and unlimited potential.

Eugenia is a certified facilitator of StarMagic Healing™, one of the world's most powerful quantum healing modalities, acclaimed with a multitude of testimonials and success stories that span the globe.

-Individual Session 

-Elimination of entities and energetic parasites 

-Business Session 


-Payment in advance

-Write to or WhatsApp (info below) to schedule an appointment and receive payment information.

I have always felt a very big void in my life. It was a feeling of being worthless. One day I was talking to Eu and she told me about this therapy she was doing. we did a session. When she finished, she called me to tell me a little about what she had seen and how she had made an “intervention” in me. Without her knowing what was happening to me, she explained to me how in a past life, I had been “annulled” and it was that same feeling that I had been living with for years and had not found an explanation. From that day on I started to feel different. stronger, with more self-love, calmer. For me, it was a before and after. Sometimes you can spend years going to therapy, without being able to find an explanation or a solution... but this goes to the root to heal those energy blockages that we carry.
I had a tremor in my body for 15 days and involuntary movements in my fingers. I managed to think that I had something neural or something in my brain, or rather I was very distressed. Eugenia gave me a quantum healing session and that afternoon I stopped shaking... it was like magic. And although this is still difficult to believe, to assimilate, now I lived it in myself... I am very grateful 💓
Eugenia, I tell you that since the next day we spoke again, I have had total calm and tranquility, believe me, I have been in spiritual peace, with my entire BEING, mind, body, thoughts and all the senses. I am extremely happy, enjoying every minute of my existence. Something very new and rich is happening to me. It is an immense inner happiness.  You've gotta tell me what was it that you removed from my mind. I'm in a TOTAL INNER PEACE.
The accompaniment with Eugenia is healing from the first moment. It feels like coming home.
Her ability to listen to me, the respectful and warm way of approaching situations, added to all the tools she proposes, gave me the confidence to connect to my being at another level.
 Arriving to this path of healing is not by chance. It is an opportunity, an invitation, a call to open the door to the encounter with your higher self. To recognize the power of your energy, to listen to your body, to reconnect with your story from love.  

Finding EU along the way is a gift of life that I am grateful to have said Yes!
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