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Consulting and

Eugenia is a communication and brand designer from Universidad de Los Andes, has a master's degree in International Marketing from EADA Business School and a master's degree in Humanities (Literature, Philosophy and Art History) from Pompeu Fabra University. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, meditator and explorer of the self and the world. 

Her wide disciplinary range, gives her a unique and global perspective on various topics, regardless of depth or scope.  

Being multidisciplinary adds creativity and a rich vision about issues that unite humanity, business and planetary action, under a common thread of strategic and sustainable awareness and practicality.  

Communication, Design and Brand

Business as a Force for Good

Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Individuals

Consulting for Creatives

- Brand and business - identity, essence, purpose, values and Higher Aim

- Storytelling and Copywriting - essential, purpose driven or creative campaigning

- Internal Communications

- Added Value in Products, Processes and Experience - from basic needs to transcendence

- Communications based on awareness and sustainability 

- Effective Emotional Communication (EEC)

- Stakeholder Capitalism, Conscious Capitalism, Transformational Economy, Triple Impact and Businesses as a force for Good

- One-to-one trasformational consulting - tailored for your specific needs. Personal, professional, career, emotional.

- One-to-one assesment and mentorship on leading for the future

Horizontal leadership, diversity, triple impact, awareness, mental health, higher purpose, diversity, individuality, values, emotional salary

- Healing from trauma and addictions (read my story)

- Guidance on alternative healing

- Finding meaning in life and work

- Artists that want to create a unique and genuine epic and narrative in their work

- Storytelling for creative disciplines. 

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